This was a successful pilot project. The pilot project has now ended but a full project is running.

The Heritage Heroes project worked with schools and local heritage groups to investigate and explore the heritage on their doorstep. It was developed with the Curriculum for Excellence at its core, providing benefits to participants of skills development, improved self-confidence as well as opportunities to learn outdoors. Sessions involved object handling, researching the local area through historic maps and surveying local sites. In addition, CPD and training for teachers and community groups involved in the project is provided, in order to equip teachers with the skills to understand and use their local heritage in the classroom, as well as providing community groups with the skills and training needed to engage with local schools. This project ran in the Scottish Borders.

The outcomes of the project was the creation of stronger communities; increased appreciation and an active contribution to the knowledge of the local historic environment; the fostering of a sense of civic pride and stewardship; opportunities for outdoor learning in the local environment creating active, healthier individuals and the opportunity to share learning within the community. The project offers a mix of workshop-based activities and learning on-site, giving participants the chance to develop important transferable skills. Archaeology Scotland has a range of on-line and hands on resources, find out about what you can do here.



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