Once Boghall Castle was one of biggest castle to be found in the Southern Scotland, today it is easy to pass right pass and not notice it at all. Senior 1 pupils from Biggar High school explored this site with expertise and help of Archaeology Scotland and Biggar Museum Trust. Pupils discovered looking at OS maps of the local area, found out why the Fleming family decided on this once marshy land. The hills behind the castle gave it great protection and the Roman road in front where Biggar town  grew provided a gateway for getting around South Lanarkshire. Pupils discovered that this castle was built for defence with it’s thick walls and round towers which would have protected the family and the locals if they were ever under attack.

Ed Archer who excavated the site with Boghall castle came to visit and told the pupils of his discoveries, including evidence of attack from the remains of lead bullets shattering against the walls!

The pupils did such great work they even ended up in the Gazette, check out the article here!



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