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2018 Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference Programme

Historic Environment Scotland, Archaeology Scotland, The Scottish Council on Archives and Northlight Heritage are delighted to welcome you to Stirling for the 2018 Community Heritage Conference. Now in its 7th year we are pleased to be holding this year’s event at the Engine Shed, Scotland’s first dedicated building conservation centre, managed by Historic Environment Scotland.

The programme can be downloaded here: CHC 2018 Programme

0915 Registration and Coffee

1000 – 1205 AUDITORIUM
Morning Chair: Eila Macqueen, Archaeology Scotland

1000 David Mitchell, HES Welcome & introduction to the Engine Shed

1020 Lorna Summers Portsoy Boat Festival
Liam Griffin Friends of Kilbride, Oban
Kate Darrah The Ridge Project, Dunbar Fiona Glover and Danny Dutton New Discoveries at Eyemouth Fort

1140 George Findlater & John Malcolm Community Engagement at HES

1150 One Minute Mayhem
60-second presentations, introduced by Fiona Watson

1205 – 1410 Lunch, Workshops and Displays
A two-hour break from the main hall gives everyone a chance to eat, meet, network, browse the stalls and displays, and also explore the magnificent Engine Shed. Outside we have two installations – a section of a Nissen Hut
from Cultybraggan POW Camp, and a bus converted to tell the stories of the Ring-Net herring fishermen in the Firth of Clyde. There are also workshops and discussions on various topics, described below.
And don’t forget the walking tour of historic Stirling leaves at 12.30!
PLEASE NOTE: while you are welcome to take your lunch with you as you browse the stalls and attend the workshops in the Seminar room and the Snug, food and drink are NOT permitted in the Auditorium. Sorry about that.

12.30 – 13.10 (Auditorium)
Ask an Expert – a Q & A panel session on funding
Chaired by Alison Turnbull, HES
with David Watt, Arts and Business Scotland
Megan Braithwaite, Heritage Lottery Fund
Megan Leishman, HES Grants Team
Funding is always a big issue in community heritage, and all the more so in these challenging times. Drop in to the Main Auditorium to hear the views of three organisations prominently involved in the financing of Scotland’s heritage sector.

12.30 – 13.10 (Seminar Room)
Storyboarding Your Project: jamming on a theme for young people Martin Ross, HES
This workshop will explore ideas for engaging with young people on heritage issues and consider some helpful tools to facilitate this. We will then storyboard a themed prototype to test the ideas emerging from our discussion. Join us for a taste of a novel and entertaining approach to project design!

12.30 – 13.30 (Meet outside Engine Shed entrance)
Walking Tour of Old Stirling The Two Simons, HES
Join architectural historians Simon Green and Simon Montgomery for an illuminating architectural tour exploring some of the many delights of Old Stirling. Meet at the Engine Shed reception desk.

12.30 – 14.00 Snug Discuss
NEW for 2018!! An opportunity for informal discussions and presentations on community engagement issues in the alcove at back of café. Three lunchtime sessions here, and a fourth in the afternoon break.

12.30 – 13.00 (In the Snug)
Why Archives Matter
John Pelan and Audrey Wilson, Scottish Council on Archives
A short film on the relevance and importance of archives, presented, with a short introduction by the Scottish Council on Archives, whom we are delighted to welcome this year as new partners in the Conference. The film is just eight minutes long, and will be shown on a loop. Bring your sandwich and have a wee seat in the Snug!

13.00 – 13.30 (In the Snug)
Who Cares? Assessing the social and communal values of heritage Liz Robson, University of Stirling
How do you assess the importance of historic sites to contemporary communities? Where does sustaining communal values feature in heritage project management? How do you deal with conflicting or divergent values from different groups? Doctoral candidate Liz Robson is currently researching these issues and invites anyone with questions, experiences to share, or who is interested to know more, to join her in the snug for an interactive discussion.

13.30 – 14.00 (In The Snug)
Re-purposing Historic POW Huts
Blair Urquhart, Comrie Development Trust
Comrie Development Trust owns and manages the former Cultybraggan POW camp, now a vibrant community resource, but one that raises some unusual conservation issues. Step outside the Engine Shed to view a section of one of the original Nissen huts from the camp, and join Blair in the Snug for a discussion on the renovation and re-purposing of the buildings at Cultybraggan.

13.25 – 14.05 (Auditorium)
Deaf Heritage: what is it, where is it, and whose is it? Ella Leith, Deaf History Scotland
Often invisible in the public sphere and mainstream discourse, Deaf communities have a rich history and heritage in Scotland, which links their expressive language, British Sign Language, their distinctive storytelling and performance culture, and their shared experiences of everyday discrimination by a dominant ‘hearing’ ideology. Deaf History Scotland invites you to explore the richness of Deaf Heritage!

13.25 – 14.05 (Seminar room)
The View From Above
Andrew Dutton, Nicky Imrie & Fiona Robertson, HES
What can maps and aerial photography tell us about the past? Come along and find out at this workshop from the Scotland’s Urban past team.

1410 – 1510 AUDITORIUM
Afternoon Chair: Audrey Wilson, Scottish Council on Archives

1410 Bill McCallum and Heather James
Convals to All Hallows: over 1,420 years and counting!
Clare Cooper and Kevin Greig
The Cateran Ecomuseum: establishing a rural community group
Christine Wallace Friends of Cambusnethan Priory

1510 – 1620 Tea and coffee, Workshops and Displays
Another opportunity to browse the stalls, step outside to view the Nissen Hut and the Ring-Net Bus, watch a film or join a workshop on project planning. Or you could simply chat over tea and shortbread.

15.20 – 16.00 (Auditorium)
Govan Young David Archibald, University of Glasgow
A special screening of this 30-minute film by David Archibald and the award winning Connolly Clark Films. The film follows primary school children in Govan as they discover their rich heritage of Vikings and ancient Britons. To be followed by a short discussion.

15.20 – 16.00 (Seminar Room)
Designing an Archaeological Project: From Cradle to Grave Laura Hindmarch, HES and Cara Jones, Archaeology Scotland
Thinking about planning an archaeological project? Come along to find out what you need to think about – from outcomes for funding to designing research agendas and archiving your results. You can try out some creative ways to share your stories from augmented reality to community
mapping. You can also share your project ideas as part of a brain storming exercise to help you design a great archaeological project.

15.30 – 16.00 (In the Snug)
Casting The Net: Oral history and Ring-Net Fishermen in the Firth of Clyde Jill de Fresnes
Complementing the multi-media exhibition in the bus outside, join Jill in this final Snug Discuss for a conversation about the oral history project that has preserved some of the memories of this all-but-forgotten industry.

16:20 – 1715 AUDITORIUM

16:20 Eleanor Young The Friends of Stirlingshire’s Historic Graveyards
Shona MacLellan Community archives in the Western Isles

17:00 Alison Turnbull Closing remarks

1715 CLOSE