How long does an adoption last?

This will be decided by your group, with help from the AaM Team. Sustainability is important, and we do encourage that projects are designed to care for monuments in the long term.

Will adopting a monument cost our group any money?

Being part of the Adopt-a-Monument scheme is free, but it is likely that extra funding will need to be raised to cover all of the work each project aims to achieve. The AaM Team will assist you in applying for any funding you may need for your project. You will require group insurance for your activities – help on this and other aspects of adoption can be found in our Adopt-a-Monument Guidelines.

Do we need archaeological skills to take part?

Part of our job is to provide you with a range of training opportunities for any archaeology work you would like to undertake – it can range from Building Survey to developing archival or research skills. This will include adequate health and safety training.

What if we have to drop out of the project?

The project planning stages are thorough and we will make sure that your group know what to expect, including predicting any future problems and their solutions. However, you are not legally bound should you decide that you can no longer continue.

We want to take part but which monument should we choose?
If it’s feasible, you can adopt several monuments within your community area – contact our AaM Team to discuss your options.

When is a monument unsuitable for the scheme?

Unsafe monuments or their surroundings are unsuitable, and sites in environmentally sensitive areas may pose a problem. Full consent must also be obtained from the landowner, before any project can formally be accepted onto the AaM Scheme. The AaM team can help you get this permission, if you are unsure on how to go about it.

Are there any restrictions on the type of monument we can propose?

‘Monument’ is defined in its broadest sense for the scheme – Adopt-a-Monument encourages you to adopt any monument or site that you feel passionately about and which in need of some TLC. In theory, you could adopt anything from a stone circle to a public toilet!

Who is eligible to take part?

Any voluntary group or organisation can join in, for example local archaeological societies, history groups, or a community group. We don’t recommend individual adoptions, since the required workload and level of commitment are probably too great for one person – however we can help you to identify a local group to partner up with, so that you can still put your ideas into practice.

What does Adopt-a-Monument involve?

Generally, Adopt-a-Monument projects focus on conserving heritage sites as well as improving the access to and interpretation of the site for visitors. We encourage you to involve as many people as possible in your project and to use your monument as a vehicle for educating others and raising awareness of the importance of Scotland’s heritage. The shape and scope that your project takes is entirely up to you! Contact our Adopt-a-Monument Team to discuss your options.