Swordle Bay Adopt-a-Monument project is based on the north coast of the Ardnamurchan Peninsular and will build on the work completed by the Ardnamurchan Transition Project (ATP hereafter) since 2006. ATP has completed excavations in several locations within Swordle Bay, and 2011 the project attracted international interest with discovery of a Viking boat burial. The mainland position of the burial makes the site unique, and visitor numbers to the bay are now increasing. Currently there is no heritage interpretation on site and visitors have expressed difficulty at identifying the location of the burial, together with the Scheduled Cladh Aindries Chambered Cairnl. Adopt-a-Monument is helping this group build on their existing work and hopes to achieve three project goals.  • Provide a positive and sustainable legacy for the ATP research project
  • Ensure the long-term care of the site and that access is maintained
  • Create and install interpretation panels around areas of previous excavation
It is hoped that by completing these aims, that once ATP has completed their work within Swordle Bay, the site will not only still bring visitors to Ardnamurchan but give members of the local community active engagement opportunities.