Archaeology at Aden Country Park

In November 2018, an archaeological dig supported through the Aden Country Park Restoration and Redevelopment Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Aden Archaeology Historic Environment Scotland (HES) project, took place revealing an enclosed structure potentially dating back to the Neolithic period, possibly 5500 years old.

This exciting, extremely rare discovery has resulted in the need to carry out a further excavation of the site, which will hopefully uncover more of the history and confirm the layout of the possible Neolithic structure.

Archaeologist, Ali Cameron, who has been commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council to led on archaeology aspects of the project said:

“The digging team and I were so excited when we discovered that the structure was much larger, and potentially much earlier than we had thought. It is an intriguing enclosure with both posts and living trees and must have been very prominent in the landscape. The illustration by Jan Dunbar really brings the site to life.  We are really looking forward to going back to the site in June and finding out more about this site.”


Derek Jennings of the Friends of Aden added:

“The Friends of Aden are a committed core of volunteers who support the local heritage scene, we are astounded at the considerable amount of archaeology that we are uncovering in Aden and are hugely appreciative of any contribution towards the crowdfunding campaign which will support the on-going archaeology work in Aden Country Park.”

If you would like to find out more information or how you can get involved in volunteering at this, or any of the other archaeological digs, please contact the Aden Skills Development & Events Officer at justinetough96@gmail.