Scotland’s Archaeology

Archaeology Scotland is a leading educational charity working to inspire people to discover, explore, care for and enjoy Scotland’s archaeological heritage, you can find out more about us here and our work here. However, our work does not cover every aspect of archaeology in Scotland. Here are some other organsiations that can help you if you found something or want to visit heritage sites:

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Found Something?

Have you found something that you think might be important to Scotland’s History or Heritage? There are several organisations that can help you: Treasure Trove and your Local Authority Archaeologists.

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In Scotland, any ownerless objects found by chance or through activities such as metal-detecting, field-walking, or archaeological excavation need to go to Treasure Trove, with the exception of modern objects, e.g. Victorian coins and machinery fragments, etc. See their website for more information: Treasure Trove.

The other person(s) you should contact are your Local Authority Archaeologist(s) in the council area you found the object/site in. You find a list of them at the ALGAO website here:

Some archaeologist(s) cover multiple local authorities so if you can’t find one for your exact council area, check the surrendering ones, there is probably a service level agreement to have another council or organisation act as the local archaeologist.

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Want to visit an archaeological, museum or heritage site?

There are thousand of places to visit around Scotland.

There are several organisations that have lists of their own sites (Historic Scotland, National Trust for Scotland) or list other organisations (Visit Scotland). These are some of the other websites we recommend using to find places to see in Scotland: