An Easy Guide to Scotland’s Archaeological Time Periods

If you’re looking to explore Scotland’s past, it helps to know a bit more about the different time periods. And now, thanks to a fantastic article from the Dig It! team, this information is just one click away!

An Easy Guide to Scotland’s Archaeological Time Periods and Ages

Early Medieval Scotland (Illustration by Ed Kluz)

If you’ve ever found it difficult to get to grips with Scotland’s timeline, that’s probably because there isn’t a single agreed list of Scottish time periods. And it doesn’t help that dates and names for archaeological periods are also not the same for all regions of Scotland (or other parts of the UK or other continents).

Dates are approximate and “fuzzy” because there was a gradual shift in lifestyle in most cases, rather than a sudden change from one period to another. For example, people didn’t wake up on 1 January 800 BC and start making iron for the first time.

This accessible, illustrated guide is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to enhance their understanding of Scotland’s past. It will be regularly updated because history is constantly being rewritten. New research or a new discovery will inevitably change our understanding of Scotland’s timeline.

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