Archaeological Learning – the benefit and impact of archaeology

This leaflet is a summary of the Archaeological Learning Report.


Click here for the leaflet (PDF): Archaeological Learning – benefit and impact


The Archaeological Learning study and subsequent report were commissioned by Historic Environment Scotland and carried out by Northlight Heritage under Aim 4 of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy: Encouraging Greater Engagement. Aim 4 is more fully expressed in the strategy as: ‘To enable and encourage engagement with our past through creative and collaborative working, active involvement, learning for all ages and enhanced archaeological presentation.’


Two of the study’s key aims were to:


  • Show how and why archaeology is important and can be used as a tool to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence.


  • Create case studies that can be used by education professionals and others to promote archaeology through creative educational activities, with a focus on primary, secondary, higher and less formal education – highlighting what transferrable vocational skills can be learned.


The study also scoped out ways that archaeological learning can benefit different audiences and deliver positive impacts in the context of national policy frameworks and educational provision.


Resource created for: Historic Environment Scotland as part of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy


Post Author: r.boyde