Archaeology in Schools: an online CPD event

Archaeology in Schools: an interdisciplinary approach

This online CPD event was held on 21 April 2021 and looked at some of the many ways in which educators can use archaeology as inspiration for interdisciplinary learning projects with children and young people.

The theme of what we hope will be the first of many CPD sessions was ‘Exploring Prehistoric Rock Art in Scotland’ and coincided with the publication of Matt Ritchie (Forestry and Land Scotland) and Scotland’s Rock Art Project’s new learning resource – A Song in Stone.

The event was organised by the Archaeology and Learning Working Group, a Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy initiative. If you would like to know more about the work of the group or get involved, please contact

The session offered participants practical activity ideas and resources to use with second and third level pupils.

You can view a recording of the session here on Archaeology Scotland’s YouTube channel.

The speakers, topics and timings are as follows:

A Song in Stone’ a new prehistoric rock art learning resource
Matt Ritchie, Archaeologist and National Environment Advisor for Forestry and Land Scotland
Timing: 1:30

Rock Art Inspiration: an outdoor journey activity
Jane Miller, Archaeology Scotland’s Learning Officer
Timing: 16:30

Cup and Rings in the Classroom
Dr Kenny Brophy, Head of Subject in Archaeology, University of Glasgow
Timing: 29:25

The Cochno Stone in the Classroom: a case study
Sam McKeand, Teacher of History, Heritage and Classics at Clifton Hall School
Timing: 45:30

The Heritage Hero Awards
Becca Barclay, Archaeology Scotland’s Heritage Training Officer
Timing: 55:45

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