Creating 3D Models: A Quick Guide

Learn how to make your own digital 3D models using photogrammetry using this quick guide.

This illustrated guide to making 3D models was created based on the Through a Glass Darkly team’s experience using photogrammetry to digitize the Bridges Collection. The guide walks you through the process from the photo set-up through sharing your new model on public platform such as Sketchfab. You can check out the Bridges Collection Models, made by both photogrammetry and laser scanning, on our Sketchfab site.

Posted by: Through a Glass Darkly, School of Classics, University of St Andrews

Through a Glass Darkly is a research and outreach project within the School of Classics at the University of St Andrews. We work with the Bridges Collection of Cypriot archaeology at the University to study and promote public engagement with archaeology. Through our work we aim to promote well-being and build communication and critical thinking skills in the community.

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Funder: The Leventis foundation supports projects to increase public engagement with Greek and Cypriot cultural heritage, as well as public benefit programs, and other research projects.


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