Go Roman Teaching pack

Teaching Notes and information on the resource

These are the Teaching Notes and information on the resource for the Go Roman Handling Boxes

  • Based on the life of a legionary soldier living on the Antonine Wall, this resource features a handling collection of quality replica Roman objects contained in four themed handling boxes for use in the classroom: The Legionary Soldier; The Syrian Archer; Off Duty; and Food and Cooking.
  • Accompanied by a teaching pack offering detailed, overarching notes which explain how to use the teaching pack and provide background information and Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes. Includes an accompanying set of pupil ‘Let’s Investigate’ object discussion and information cards.
  • Is linked specifically to Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes, First Level in Social Subjects: People, past events and societies. But it can be adapted to be used by any age group.
  • The resource is designed to complement an exciting and innovative virtual reality game called Go Roman and is based on a digital reconstruction of Bar Hill Fort on the Antonine Wall. To maximise your class’s experience, download the free game, Go Roman, in either Android or iOS
  • A free Antonine Wall App can also be downloaded to facilitate site visits

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