Into the Wildwoods

Explore the Mesolithic in Scotland’s native woodlands.

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Using an inspirational blend of archaeological discussion and creative activities, the authors describe an ancient past that is still accessible today, rooted in an ecological understanding of place and time, and in our human response to both. A companion to The First Foresters, where we met the Neolithic pioneers, living and working within the wildwood, Into the Wildwoods uses archaeological evidence to discover the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers who came before.

Our key objective is to explore the interconnected ideas of habitats, natural resources and seasonal change, developing the Mesolithic as a classroom topic in line with Learning for Sustainability. It is aimed at teachers, youth group leaders, archaeological educators and anyone interested in our native woodlands.

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The Into the Wildwoods Storyline

A supplementary Storyline has been designed to help teachers deliver a range of activities that reference and build on Into the Wildwoods. The Storyline uses several key creative activities and a range of supporting discussion points to contextualise cross-curricular learning using the Mesolithic period as a topic.

Mesolithic Map Makers Resources Cards

These cards about natural resources are to be used with the Storyline.

Kim Biddulph, Matt Ritchie and Caroline
Wickham-Jones wrote Into the Wildwoods for Forestry and Land Scotland (published 2020 (c) Crown Copyright).

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