Old Edinburgh | Mary Queen of Scots

Lesson plans and a heritage trail through Edinburgh’s Old Town: a mile of murder, mobs, toilets and torture

This new Primary material, targeting children from P5 – P7, contains lessons plans, introductory classroom teaching notes, a range of media resources and classroom-based tasks for children. It also includes a fun trail through the Edinburgh of the 1600s, which takes in buildings and places associated with the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots.

During the period covered by this material, Edinburgh witnessed the turbulent and often violent events associated with the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. Edinburgh at this time was a busy, noisy, smelly place, with humans and animals all mixing together in the streets. It would have been alive with the sound of people talking and laughing, the cries of market stall holders, the pleading of beggars and the grunting, snuffling and braying of animals being brought to market.

It was also a time of disease and brutal punishments. During Mary’s reign there were several outbreaks of the plague and it was a constant threat for the people of the town – whether you were rich or poor. Executions were also common. A public hanging, or even a beheading with the dreaded ‘Maiden’, was always a highly popular event.

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