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Discover the Jekyll and Hyde city

This new Primary material, targeting children from P5 – P7, contains lessons plans, introductory classroom teaching notes, a range of media resources and classroom-based tasks for children, and a fun trail through Victorian Edinburgh which takes in buildings and places associated with the Victorian age.

Edinburgh in the time of Robert Louis Stevenson:

Edinburgh during the Victorian period was a time of change. Migrants were arriving in the city from rural areas and from Ireland. Living conditions for many people were appalling, especially in the Old Town. New inventions and new industries were changing the way the world worked and how people lived their lives. It was also the great age of philanthropy, economic growth and city expansion.

Edinburgh was also the backdrop to many great works of literature, and was the home of Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. This was a work that was partly inspired by events, characters and places he knew growing up. Children will be introduced to the story, and have an opportunity to visit and experience Stevenson’s Old Town.


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