Rosslyn Chapel – resources for home education

Delve into some of the amazing features of the Chapel

Explore the amazing architecture, stained glass windows and carvings of Rosslyn Chapel. The fact sheets and activity ideas are suitable for home education. They were developed for learners at CfE Levels 1 and 2 (approx. the under 11s) and are customisable for other levels.

Knights and Dragons

  • St George and the Dragon: the 19th century stained glass window depicting St George and the Dragon
  • A Knight’s Burial: 15th century full-length carving of a knight in armour
  • Dragons in a Twist: the 15th century carvings of dragons at the base of the famous Apprentice Pillar.

Natural World

Explore the natural world through the unique architecture of Rosslyn Chapel. Download our fact sheets and activity ideas to discover the famous “green men” carvings, Apprentice pillar and St Francis of Assisi stained glass window.

RME – Seven Sins and Seven Mercies

Is there such a thing as good and bad?

How do good and bad manifest in real life? What is our responsibility for our behaviour, and what are the consequences of our actions? Explore these moral and philosophical questions using this learning resource on the amazing carvings from Rosslyn Chapel.

Depicting the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Acts of Mercy from the Christian tradition, these 15th century carvings open up an opportunity for debate, self-examination and self-expression. The pack contains fact sheets and activity ideas that can adapted for different levels to suit your learners.

Further Resources

Information you need to plan a visit or use at home is available on our Learning page.

Graphic Communications is a resource aimed at secondary school-level learners. It showcases the graphic design process from initial concept to finished product with this guide to the development of the “Countess Collection” line of merchandise in the Rosslyn Chapel shop.

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