Sketchfab Drama and Literacy Activity Packs

Students will develop key communication skills and build their confidence through engaging with 3D digital models of artefacts in drama and literacy activities.

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These packs include a variety of drama and literacy activity based around the exploration of archaeology in the Bridges Collection. These activities are designed to promote creative and critical thinking and empower students to feel confident in their own interpretations of the artefacts. Object-based learning has been proven to increase pupil engagement, motivation and learning.

The literacy activities include writing sensory poems, writing collaborative stories inspired by the objects, and creating your own class comic book. The drama activities encourage students to think imaginatively and empathetically about the artefacts to create their own characters. The is focus on the process of creative and portraying a character, rather than on performance quality.

More educator resources and information on loan kits, can be found under the Educators tab on our website.

Posted by: Through a Glass Darkly, School of Classics, University of St Andrews

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Through a Glass Darkly is a research and outreach project within the School of Classics at the University of St Andrews. We work with the Bridges Collection of Cypriot archaeology at the University to study and promote public engagement with archaeology. Through our work we aim to promote well-being and build communication and critical thinking skills in the community.

Funder: The Leventis foundation supports projects to increase public engagement with Greek and Cypriot cultural heritage, as well as public benefit programs, and other research projects.

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