Tenement Town

Tenement Town explores the Old Town built environment around Riddle’s Court by looking at features of tenement houses and creating your own resource to use back at school.

This is a Scottish Historic Buildings Trust activity for learners at the Patrick Geddes Centre, Riddles Court, Edinburgh:

Inspired by the 1881 census statistics recording 247 residents at Riddle’s Court and by changes Patrick Geddes made to Riddle’s Court, this activity will develop and use problem solving strategies to construct models; use drawing and colour techniques to represent ideas in different situations; compare aspects of people’s daily lives in the past, use historical evidence to recreate a historical setting and develop an awareness of the ways Scotland’s history is preserved.

Posted by: Scottish Historic Buildings Trust, SHBT (Patrick Geddes Centre)

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The Patrick Geddes Centre at Riddle’s Court is a unique learning and cultural centre for all. The Patrick Geddes Centre at Riddle’s Court was majorly funded by HLF Scotland.

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