The First Foresters

an inspirational blend of archaeological discussion, creative indoor activities and practical outdoor learning.

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This beautifully illustrated booklet links today’s native woodlands, the ancient wildwood of the past and the Neolithic pioneers who ventured into it, and is a fresh take on the presentation and interpretation of our ancient past.

It is aimed at teachers, youth group leaders, archaeological educators and anyone interested in our native woodlands.

The authors wanted to step beyond the familiar stone circles of Scotland’s prehistory to explore the archaeology of our lost timber halls and timber circles. Using quotes spread throughout the text – different voices to emphasise key ideas – we drew on the work of leading archaeologists to describe a very different Neolithic – one not of stone but of wood.

Kim Biddulph and Matt Ritchie wrote The First Foresters for Forestry and Land Scotland in partnership with Archaeology Scotland. Published by Forestry and Land Scotland 2019 (c) Crown Copyright.

Forestry and Land Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government.

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