Want to visit the Antonine Wall?

Visiting Roman sites along the Antonine Wall

The Antonine Wall website contains a wealth of information about the Antonine Wall including information on sites to visit along the Wall. Sections of the Antonine Wall, including forts, the ditch, the Military Way as well as traces of the Wall itself can be visited today.

If you can’t decide which sites to visit use the suggestions at the ‘Ten Top things to do’ to some of the best and most accessible sites along the Antonine Wall. To help you are plan a visit, why not use the interactive map or download the Antonine Wall interactive app?

Explore the learning centre pages which contain information for families, teachers and students to help you explore, investigate and learn about the Antonine Wall. These pages also link to free downloadable educational resources, information on how to borrow handling boxes, and links to hazard sheets to use for planning your visit to a site along the Wall.

The website also has information on local museums and heritage centres.

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