Who cares? Activity ideas for Secondary schools

Our heritage: who cares about it, who tells the story, and who decides its future?

These activities  are designed to complement the secondary school curriculum as part of Travel and Tourism, History, Geography and Social Studies lessons. They can also be used in extra curricular activities.

‘Who cares?’  is part of a suite of activities and resources developed as part of the AtlaS.WH project, building on Edinburgh World Heritage’s existing learning resources to create a comprehensive, wide-ranging educational offering. Focusing on the designing and sending of postcards, these activities challenge children’s understanding of their heritage as part of their identity, as well as encouraging them to think about sustainability. Similar activities take place in the cities of Florence, Bordeaux, Porto and Santiago de Compostela.

Further secondary resources:


Along with a series of classroom resources, Edinburgh World Heritage provides information and advice for those wishing to develop a career in the traditional skills that are essential to securing the future of the World Heritage Site.

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