Donating to Archaeology Scotland

We invite you to make a donation to us today and help fund our first Scottish Living History Festival on 31 August 2019. The Scottish Living History Festival will bring together all our skills in outreach and engagement to make this a memorable weekend of history, heritage and archaeology. The event coincides with the Gladiators exhibition at Callendar House and we see this as being complementary to our event by encouraging people to visit their local museum and park. Local people will be able to showcase their work as we bring together experts, artisan crafters, passionate re-enactors of history and heritage educators who encourage an interest in Scotland’s rich past in people of all ages.

Your donation will help us to:

  • Provide a full day of interactive free family fun, suitable for all ages
  • Locally sourced high quality food vendors
  • Period musicians
  • Engaging talks and workshops from experts (with links to Game of Thrones and Outlaw King)
  • Ancient craft workshops
  • Re-enactment groups including the Antonine Guard and the Galloway Longfhada Vikings
  • A replica Roman milestone where young people can try out stone carving under expert supervision – this will be a permanent legacy from the weekend.
  • Digital Experiences such as recreating archaeological sites in Minecraft exploring the world of Ragnar Lothbrok through Virtual Reality
  • A Surprise Celebrity Appearance
  • And Much More!

The photo above has been graciously provided by the Galloway Longfhada Vikings with all rights and credit belong to the group and the Glasgow Vikings. This image should not be reproduced without explicit permission from the owner.

Donate to Archaeology Scotland