Loan Kits

Get hands on with history with Archaeology Scotland’s loan kits.

To book any of our kits or if you have any questions please email with ‘loans’ in the subject line.

Artefact Investigation Kits

There are six Artefact Investigation Kits, containing real and replica artefacts. The kits come with information about the artefacts and have ideas for activities and where to find out more.  Because the kits are very versatile, they can be used at all levels, although the support material is primarily aimed at beginners.

These documents relate to all the kits:

Handling guidelines  Artefact Recording Sheet  Evaluation

Each kit is themed and the themes are as follows:

Activity Kits

Use these hands-on resources to explore:

The work of an archaeologist

  • Survey equipment for either basic survey and/or tape-and-offset survey and/or plane table and alidade survey.  You may need to have some experience to use this equipment although it is ideal for numeracy and literacy.
  • Skeleton Investigation Kit.  Why not have a go at forensic archaeology.  The kit contains an anatomically correct skeleton with a mysterious extra skull!  Investigate what diseases this person may have had? How old were they? Can you tell if they are male or female, if so which skull is the correct one? Great supporting documents to help you get going.

How people lived in the past

  • Roman Writing Kit focuses on Roman Scotland as well as the writing tablets found at Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall.  Learners use replica Roman wax tablets and wooden styli to complete four activities.
  • Historic Writing Kit inspires learners to create their own Gothic script and illuminated letters.
  • Grinding Kit – rotary and saddle querns that can be used to make flour.

If you would like to borrow any of these kits please fill out the form and email it to us, putting “loan” in the subject line:

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