Broch of Gurness, Orkney (Copyright Jane Bunting)

From the Ground Up

The From the Ground Up project, which ran until March 2015, allowed our established journal – Discovery and Excavation in Scotland to be developed as a fully accessible, rapid reporting online journal. This project developed reporting systems and encourages user-generated reporting by everyone undertaking archaeological work in Scotland. Alongside the new form development, we created an interactive, searchable, map-based webpage displaying information on new archaeological sites, activities and finds as the work is reported.

Our new online reporting form is now live and you may  Contribute to DES using it. For guidance on how to use the form please read the information provided here. If you have any questions please contact – Dr Paula Milburn who will be happy to offer guidance and support.

To celebrate the Scottish Community Heritage Conference 2014 we are pleased to present a special edition of DES showcasing the work undertaken by community groups associated with Archaeology Scotland’s Adopt-a-Monument Project. The publication also contains summaries from some of the other community groups who have been working on Scottish sites in 2013-14 and have reported via the new AS online reporting form. To take a look at DES – Making a difference community groups in action as a flipping page book please click here (a pdf copy may also be accessed here).

To learn more about Discovery and Excavation in Scotland and access the journals, visit our DES page.

Broch of Gurness, Orkney (Copyright Jane Bunting)
Broch of Gurness, Orkney (Copyright Jane Bunting)


Information from work submitted to the Archaeology Scotland journal – Discovery and Excavation in Scotland may now be viewed online. You can browse the sites via a map or from a list, and use a filter to narrow down the results. Anyone can access most of the site records. The full entries are available to members of Archaeology Scotland who have opted to receive Discovery and Excavation in Scotland.