Rural Land Use

There are well over 200,000 archaeological and historic sites in Scotland, most of which are in rural areas. Only 6% of these have protection as Scheduled Monuments or Listed Buildings and normal forestry and farming activities are exempt from the planning process. The following pages and links give advice to farmers, foresters and the general public on how historic environment features and landscapes can best be looked after as part of good rural land management.

  • Rural Policy and Regulations
  • Identifying Archaeology
  • Managing Archaeology
  • Farming, Forestry and Communities

You can download our Rural Archaeology Bulletin (RAB) below. It’s an occasional newsletter with the latest events, policies and other news affecting archaeology and rural land management.

Archaeology on Farm and Croft

A leaflet introducing farmers, crofters and other land managers to the value of Scotland’s archaeological heritage can be seen below. Though the contact information needs to be checked with more recent details held elsewhere on this website, this leaflet remains a useful introduction on the value of archaeology to modern land managers and communities.