Community turf houses, Folk Park, Newtonmore

For Local groups

Funding rural heritage for Community groups through the SRDP  -under review

Can community groups apply for this funding?

Yes,  LEADER the main funding stream available for community groups is still under development and applicants are advised to check the website for the latest information.

Where community groups are interested in heritage in woodlands, there are no longer specialist funds to assist here but they may be able to access funding under the Forestry Grant Scheme such as Public access in Rural Woods

Owners and tenant groups in the Crofting Counties (eg Common Grazings Committees) can additionally apply for funding under the Crofting Counties Agricultural Grants Scheme (CCAGS – This scheme is primarily associated with agricultural improvements in crofting areas and not directly suitable for funding community heritage projects.)

Are payments automatic?

No, funding is discretionary and your application will be assessed by Case Officers before approval.

Can you get funding from different Scottish Government schemes?

Yes …..further details to be added when available

Can I get help to obtain more information and advice?

The Scottish Government has set up a new Scottish Rural Network to advise community groups and land managers how to progress applications.