Graveyard survey at Kilvickeon Old Parish Church

Scottish Graveyards

Scotland’s historic gravestones are a rich part of the nation’s heritage, yet exposure to time and the elements mean that this valued resource is under threat.
Unfortunately, the number of surviving historic gravestones far outstrips the resources that are available to care for and conserve them. As a result, historic gravestones stand a far better chance of survival when members of the public become involved in their conservation. Although some work can only be carried out by professional conservators, members of the public can play an active and important part in conservation programmes. By working in co-operation with those who have a professional, statutory or special interest in historic gravestones and graveyards you are helping to ensure the survival of an historic gravestone. Scotland’s Historic Graveyards web resource provides the resources groups need to take on all aspects of graveyard recording and conservation.
Archaeology Scotland supports such graveyard projects as part of its Adopt a Monument Scheme. So if you have a particular graveyard in mind and would like to take part in the  Adopt-a-Monument Scheme please contact us at or on 03000129878
Graveyard survey at Kilvickeon Old Parish Church
Graveyard survey at Kilvickeon Old Parish Church


Abandoned structures in graveyards

An introduction to graveyard recording

Concerned for a gravestone

Emergency measures for historic memorials

Good Practice in Maintaining a Graveyard

Gravestone recording form

Gravestone with condition survey

Graveyard recording form

Graveyard recording form, part 1

Graveyard recording form, parts 2 and 3

Graveyard recording form, part 4

Graveyard recording form, part 5

Health and safety

Health and safety: visitors and owners

Historic Scotland graveyard grants

Identifying algae, lichen and moss

Identifying stone decay

Identifying stone types

Looking after gravestones

Making a graveyard plan

Melville Tomb, Collessie Conservation Report

Recording buried tombstones

Research in Inscription Paleography

Researching your graveyard

Sources of funding for graveyard projects

Working in a listed or scheduled graveyard