Moving the house, Sandwick, June 07

Shorewatch: Monitoring Scotland’s Coastal Archaeology

During the late 1990’s Archaeology Scotland appointed a project officer to carry out a feasibility study to investigate the potential for involving groups of people in monitoring stretches of coastline to record erosion to coastal archaeological sites.  Such groups included local history groups, archaeology societies, and community groups, as well as individual members of the public.

This idea was trialled in three subsequent phases and in 2001 a partnership with the SCAPE Trust enabled this project to take off and flourish into the award-winning programme that is now active across Scotland.

We now know that coastal erosion is a huge problem and increasing stormy weather events are causing losses to important sites. It is sometimes the case that we don’t even know that a site exists until a storm uncovers it. We continue to work closely with SCAPE on projects and recently worked with a group on Unst to re-locate a cairn which was eroding into the sea.  We assisted a local group to move a burnt mound on Bressay.

SCAPE has an exciting new project to get people involved in recording using mobile phone apps and other new technology.

Moving the house, Sandwick, June 07