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Resource for Heritage Charities- Stickers and Signs

Archaeology Scotland supports other groups and organizations in helping to investigate and conserve their heritage. A resource we recently came across that we think is a great resource for heritage groups and organizations is a deal for free stickers and banners for charities. These are offered by Kustom Design Printing ltd through their website discount banner printing. You can find the details and how to apply here-
They gave us £150 worth of print, £75 for stickers (you can learn more about the sticker options here), then we could spend the rest on other options. We choose banners and got two. We are really happy with the quality and even though the resources are free they are not cheap or poor quality. Here is what our stickers look like-



We have been using them for a month now and are very happy with them.

For full transparency: the only condition for the getting the resources is that we post a link on our website to let other people know where we got them from. This post is that. However, we would have posted about them regardless as it is a great deal for charities.