As part of our 75th anniversary celebrations we are planning a special two-day family orientated free event for the public to enjoy – the Scottish Living History Festival. This interactive, fun-filled and educational event will take place on Saturday 31st August, 2019 in the amazing Callendar House museum and outside in its wonderful designed landscape in Falkirk. The Provost of Falkirk has agreed to open the event.

A full day of interactive hands-on activities, digital experiences (such as recreating archaeological sites in Minecraft and experiencing the Viking world in VR ) locally sourced high quality food vendors, period musicians, engaging talks from experts (with links to Game of Thrones and Outlaw King), ancient craft workshops, re-enactment groups including the Antonine Guard and the Galloway Longfhada Vikings,  plus guided walks will all be on offer.  Stalls featuring leather working, jewellery making, kilt making, iron smelting, promotion of artisan crafts and much more will entice people to spend the day and many different hands-on activities for children (including simulated excavations, finds sorting, ancient writing, exploring artefacts, archaeological ‘detective’ work such as reconstructing faces on replica skulls and marching with Roman legionaries) will keep the young ones entertained. We also plan to create a replica Roman milestone where young people can try out stone carving under expert supervision – this will be a permanent legacy from the weekend.

Come and meet the Antonine Guard