Trustees are appointed at the AGM. There are usually more spaces for Trustees than nominations; therefore there is no need for an election process. We can have up to 20 Trustees but generally keep it to a max of 14 or fewer The Trustees elect, from among themselves, a President; two Vice-Presidents; a Treasurer and a Secretary to the Board, who need not be the secretary of the company.

Directors are appointed for 3 year terms which can be extended by another 3 year term. They do not have to stand for re-appointment and can stand down after 3 years or at any time before that. The maximum term of office is 6 years.

Summer School Director is an honorary position that has been the remit of Geoff Waters for many years. He is assisted by Alison Reid who volunteers to help run the Summer School.




President: Beverley Ballin Smith (appointed 2015)

Vice-President: Geoff Waters (re-appointed 2016) (also Summer School Director)

Vice-President: Eve Boyle (re-appointed 2017)

Treasurer: Alistair Burrow (re-appointed 2015)

Secretary to Board: Tessa Till (appointed 2016)

Directors: Moira Greig (re-appointed 2016)

Gordon Wyllie (re-appointed 2017)

Peter Yeoman (appointed 2015)

Warren Bailie (appointed 2016)

Sian Jones (appointed 2015)

Tom Packe (appointed 2017)

Education Sub Group Chair: Melissa Viguier (appointed 2017)

Editorial Sub Group Chair: John Dent (re-appointed 2017)

Membership Sub Group Chair: Olwyn Owen (appointed 2015)

Company Secretary: Eila Macqueen


Dr Mike Heyworth MBE, Director of the CBA is not a Trustee but can attend Board meetings and there is a reciprocal arrangement for the AS Director to attend CBA Board.

Tim Neighbour has completed his full term of office but has agreed to stay on as an Adviser.

Brian Rickwood is a new co-optee.